You wish to organize a trip across Brittany ? From your campsite near St-Malo, the entire region is within your grasp. Mystical stone alignments, old medieval walled towns and many other unmissable places: discover a land of magic and wonder. Check out our trip tips and enjoy your stay in Brittany.

The Carnac alignments, the walled town of Vannes: the magical Brittany

Travel through Brittany from north to south and enjoy the gentle pace of life on the Morbihan Gulf’s islands. Start with a mystical experience by visiting the mysterious Carnac alignments. The standing stones of Carnac are one of Brittany’s greatest attractions. Three fields contain around 3,000 aligned megaliths, which date from 4000BC. It has not yet been determined why they were put up, which makes these alignments so mysterious and magical. It is thought however that they had a religious or cultural significance.

Carnac alignments - Picture : Emmanuel Berthier

Keep on with your journey through the southern part of Brittany and make a break in Vannes. The walled town of Vannes is without any doubt one of Brittany’s most attractive sights and kind of a must-visit on any trip to the Gulf of Morbihan. Wander around the old medieval streets and the open-air market on Place des Lices. This place once hosted jousting tournaments, you can almost hear the striking hammers, rolling carts and horses neighing from the time! You can also marvel at the cities beauty by taking a walk on the ramparts of Vannes.

Ideally located campsites near St-Malo for ideal holidays

Brittany is a land of contrasts. From north to south, east to west, this region is a true melting pot of radically different landscapes and cultures. Surrounded by the sea, crackled in multiple islands, mountains within its heart… Whatever you prefer, Brittany provides.

Brittany is also a very practical region: travelling couldn’t be simpler. Whether you choose to criss-cross the region, visit the Locmariaquer Megaliths or simply take a shopping trip to Rennes or Brest, it’s easy to get around.

Rennes - Picture : Noé C.

If you choose to stay in a campsite near St-Malo, you are only two hours away from Vannes and the Gulf of Morbihan. The Domaine de la Ville Huchet is ideally located in St-Malo and offers different types of accommodations at all costs. Should you need a pitch for your tent, a mobile home or a cottage, we propose the adequate accommodations for your holidays in Brittany.