Conditions for reimbursement in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic

-> Declaration of a Covid-19 contact case within 14 days before departure.

-> Denial of boarding following your temperature test, or a positive PCR and/or antigenic test result upon arrival at the airport of departure.

-> Impossibility of Covid-19 vaccination

  • If, at the time of taking out this policy, France did not require the vaccine and if, at the time of taking out this policy, you no longer have time to be vaccinated.
  • A contra-indication to vaccination, the consequences of vaccination.
  • Postponement of a vaccination appointment imposed by the health authorities, provided that the vaccination appointments were previously scheduled by the insured before the start of the insured trip or that the postponement imposed by the health authorities is postponed during the insured's stay.

Other conditions to qualify for a reimbursement

-> Serious illness

-> Illness requiring psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment, including nervous breakdowns requiring hospitalisation for at least 3 days

-> Serious bodily injury or death of :

  • yourself, your legal or de facto spouse, your ascendants or descendants (any degree), your guardian or any person usually living under your roof,
  • your brothers, sisters, including the children of the spouse or cohabiting partner of one of your direct ascendants, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law,
  • your professional replacement designated at the time of subscription,
  • the person designated at the time of subscription of the present contract, responsible during your stay for looking after or accompanying on holiday your minor children, or the disabled person living under your roof, provided that there is hospitalisation of more than 48 hours or death.

-> Death of your uncle, aunt, nephews and nieces

-> Cancellation of one of the persons accompanying you who are registered at the same time as you and insured under this same contract, when the cancellation is due to one of the causes listed above.

-> Complications of pregnancy up to the 28th week

-> Your divorce or the break-up of a civil partnership

-> Redundancy

-> For employees, deletion or modification of the dates of your paid holidays or those of your de facto or de jure spouse, imposed by your employer

-> Professional transfer requiring a move,

-> Obtaining a salaried job for a period of more than 6 months taking effect before or during the planned dates of the stay

-> Summons to a remedial examination in the context of higher education

-> Summons to appear before a court of law as a juror, witness or expert

-> Convocation for the adoption of a child

-> Summons for an organ transplant

-> Theft or serious damage to your caravan or motor home

-> Serious damage to your vehicle 48 hours before your departure

-> Theft from your business or private premises 48 hours before your departure

-> Serious damage to your home (fire, explosion, water damage or damage caused by the forces of nature)

-> Impediment in reaching your place of stay due to events decreed by a competent authority.

-> Theft of your identity documents required for travel within 5 days of departure

-> Refusal of a visa

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