All the team of your campsite La Ville Huchet in Saint-Malo have been working to develop new features for the upcoming opening. We are happy to present them to you because we have thought of them all to offer you more comfort, more practicality and more services. Our aim is simple: to make your next holiday at La Ville Huchet a moment of relaxation, conviviality and happiness without equal! Here is what awaits you.

New green spaces... even greener!

Because we know that your holidays at La Ville Huchet are an opportunity to relax and enjoy a natural and green environment, we have redesigned our green spaces.

The team have designed a brand new entrance, even more welcoming, even greener. New shrubs, plants and flowers of all kinds have been planted and new flowerbeds have been created. In short, from the entrance, flowers and colours have been introduced!

Furthermore, the entire campsite has been reseeded to provide even more greenery and nature.  New hedges, plants, flowers and shrubs have also been planted on many pitches. Even the fence of our mini-golf course is new!

A new decor in the main hall, a new bar, a new lounge!

If the large reception room was already renovated last year, for this year 2023, you will be able to discover a new decoration, even more modern, and always more pleasant! We look forward to welcoming you there!

You will also be able to discover the brand new bar, and enjoy a brand new lounge area on the mezzanine, to sip one of the many drinks on the menu.

Chez La Mère Huchette, our crêperie for a gourmet moment

Chez La Mère Huchette is the name we have given to the crêperie at the Ville Huchet campsite. High place of conviviality, of good local gastronomy, Chez La Mère Huchette awaits you for its reopening on May 5th. New recipes are on the menu, a new team is in the kitchen and at the service but shhh... because other surprises await you...

New, practical, comfortable and eco-friendly equipment

In order to offer you the maximum comfort for your holidays at the campsite, La Ville Huchet offers you new equipment.

The Chausey mobile home is arriving. With 2 bedrooms, this new accommodation is ideal for a family of 4 people. It combines great comfort, low price and simplicity!
New timed showers allow us to control our water consumption. We have chosen this new equipment in order to reinforce our eco-responsible approach. In the sanitary facilities, the showers are equipped with timers, allowing us to enjoy a sufficiently long shower time of 6 minutes while preserving our water resources.
A new drinking water storage tank has been installed. This ensures that we have enough water to supply the campsite throughout the season, in case of any limitations.

And that's not all! Thanks to a new number plate reader located at the barriers at the entrance to the campsite, you will no longer need a badge to come and go. A small camera reads the number plate. This will be even faster and more convenient for you than before.

Welcome to Shrek, our new green waste composter

This year we welcome Shrek, an easy-to-use and highly efficient biowaste composter! With this new equipment, La Ville Huchet continues its efforts to protect the environment.

But how does Shrek work? Our little green ogre transforms your green waste into compost. A compost that we then use for our plantations, our flowers, in short to enrich our green spaces. Shrek ingests and digests all bio-waste such as fruit and vegetable peelings, meat, fish, starches and leftovers from your meals. Thanks to a subtle reaction between the enzymes, the natural heating of a composter and the additional heating of Shrek, all your biowaste is 90% composted! We then collect the resulting substrate in the form of a completely odourless powder. This is the precious compost!

An ecotax to finance our actions in favour of the environment

In order to support the measures that the campsite La Ville Huchet puts in place in favour of the environment, an ecotax of 0,50€/night and per adult. It allows us to take part in the financing of our eco-responsible actions and to concretise our Green Key label.

A rich programme of new features awaits you for the opening of La Ville Huchet campsite. And when you say new, you also say new team! Nearly 30 people will welcome you during the summer, in all departments, from catering to entertainment. You can count on us to ensure that your next holiday at the campsite is a success and that you are completely satisfied!

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